Production Team

Host/Producer: Carol Olson – Carol has worked and volunteered for over 20 years in both mental health and addictive disorders programs as a therapist and advocate. She manages Project Empower in the Injury and Violence Prevention Program at Virginia Commonwealth University Health Services. Clincial Supervisor. She produces other shows; Women and Politics and The V Word that broadcast at WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio. She is on the boards of End Violence Against Women International and The Virginia Art Therapy Association.

Co-Host: Rev. Melvina Y. Goodman Randolph, MDiv, MS, CSAC, MS, CRC, MAC, LMHP-R

Melvina is a proud native of Brooklyn, New York. She currently resides in Richmond, VA. She has well over 30 years of experience in the addiction field. Melvina is the master mind behind Inner Zones, LLC, where she assists spiritual seekers to live purposefully & authentically through the Twelve-steps, universal spiritual principles and the teachings of Christ.

People describe Melvina as humorous, silly, determined, creative, authentic, a risk-taker and one who enjoys helping people to actualize their purpose.

Segment Producer: Peer to Ear Producer: Sammy Styles – Sammy is a DJ and peer in recovery. He is working on certification as a peer specialist. He produces Peer to Ear, a short segment included in Community Conversations on Recovery to give voice to peers and normalize the recovery process.


Jennifer Gallienne: Co-produced September 2014 – April 2015 – Jennifer is a Graduate Social Worker who has worked and volunteered as an advocate for individuals surviving domestic and sexual violence as well as an active advocate for for individuals who identify as LGBTQ.

3 thoughts on “Production Team

  1. Good Morning Carol, I’d love to air a segment on ADD on one of your future programs. Being a “poster boy” for ADD, six years ago I tried to find a support group to join. Finding none, I started “Adventures in ADD”. We meet monthly and now have over 350 members. The group has been credited with changing lives for the better, saving careers and relationships, and even stopping two ADDers from committing suicide. If ADD is not addressed in time it can, and usually does, lead to alcohol and/or drug abuse, lost jobs and relationships. Take a look at our website for member comments. All the best, Tom 240-4065


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