Black and African American Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

With the start of our new schedule, today we bring you an empowering conversation between Angela Blount and Chevelle Moss- Savage about African American and Black women survivors of IPV.  They share their personal stories of IPV, boundaries of reporting, accessing services, cultural and societal factors, and healing from trauma. These two incredible women are both survivors as well as activists in the field.

Angela Blount is on the Board for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance as well as on the board for the Virginia Anti-Violence Project.

Chevelle Moss- Savage, MHS, HS-BCP, is on the board for the Virginia Anti-Violence Project but also wears many hats at Virginia State University. She is the Outreach Coordinator as well as a Resident in Counseling (LPC), the Safe Zone Coordinator, Is the Chair for VSU’s LGBTQ Advisory Council, is the Advisor for Rainbow Soul, and also the Advisor for Active Minds.

Listen to the episode here

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