Richmond Recovers: Crisis Intervention Team

20170519_101502On today’s show, the Richmond and Chesterfield combined crisis intervention team returns with peer in recovery, Sammy Styles to talk about their work to train police in mental health informed response and the progress of the crisis triage centers.

Men in Recovery – The Sponsorship Relationship

Richard and Jimmy return with Paul joining them to talk about recovery from addictive disorders and the sponsorship relationship.  Peer 2 Ear  by Sammy Styles ends the show.

You can listen here:


McShin Foundation = Peer to Peer Recovery


Women in Recovery: Transformation

On today’s show, Ariel and Anne return to continue their conversation on their process in recovery. Today they talk about how the path of recovery from addiction has been a trans-formative process for them. The last segment is Sammy Styles and Peer2Ear.